What I'm Playing

Here are the games I'm currently playing and where you can find me in-game.

Marvel Heroes
HowIGeek - currently playing Ms. Marvel

World of Warcraft
Earthen Ring - Thyra (L21 Blood Elf Paladin), Kusia (L45 Blood Elf Hunter), Cowofthunder (L10 Tauren Shaman), Shangchi (L12 Pandaren Monk)

Vek'nilash - Morvahnna (L100 Draenei Shaman), Caedence (L100 Draenei Paladin), Elwhyn (L110 Night Elf Warrior), Lyja (L100 Draenei Priest), Kaelyssa (L100 Draenei Death Knight)
*Looking for Jade Legplates for transmog. Take my gold if you have them for sale, will pay up to 3k for each.* Sofiela (L102 Draenei Hunter)

Nesingwary - Martheus (Human Paladin), Seoni (Worgen Warlock), Eiryss (Gnome Rogue), Kachiko (Pandaren Monk),



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