Saturday, February 15, 2020

Jumping Back in the Saddle

So... this is a thing. I used to paint a lot, a whole hell of lot. I used to crank out 20-30 infantry models a week easily. I used to submit models to competitions, the big one being the Golden Demon in Chicago. It was all about the love for the hobby and having fun, not winning, which I had no shot at.

Some people get jealous and even mad at people who are exceptional artists. I don't understand that. Meeting the other painters and seeing their work just lit a fire under my ass to get to their level. And in 2008 I was starting to see real progress. Then I just stopped, never touched a brush again until early 2015. I started to get back into it a bit but never found the joy I used to have for it. I really hate the assembly part, it's why the mountain of models I have stay in their boxes collecting dust.

The Golden Demon compettion has not been in Chicago for a good seven years(+/-). Games Workshop has brought it back and I've decidied to enter. I've been in a creative rut for too long. I used to draw, I haven't done that since 1997. Thank you Marvel for the super harsh criticism. I used to write damn near everyday, it has been a good twelve years since I've done that. Podcasting started to feel like a second job. Painting has seemed like a joyless chore instead of a relaxing and fun hobby since started back up. I want to change that.

I'm giving the Golden Demon a go. I know that I have zero chance of winning and that's not the goal. I'm hoping I can break out of this funk and enjoy the stuff that I used to love doing.

I just picked up the new Shadowsun today and hopefully can get her finished in time for Adepticon.