Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Week Into Warlords

It's been a week since Warlords of Draenor launched, so I may as well do something with that.

On day one I had no problems getting into the game and although there was some lag, it wasn't too bad, it could have been much worse with sheer amount of of other players I saw. The waves of bodies as I materialized on the other side of the Dark Portal was truly something take in and gaze upon. The opening run through Tanaan Jungle was incredibly fun and did have this sense of urgency to it, even with the cornball way of introducing each of orc warlords.

Friday is when the fit hit the shan. My queue to get into the game was not as bad of others. I only had a wait time of 109 minutes and and 689 people ahead me. I heard tales of others having the upwards of 3000 other players ahead of them and queue times of almost ten hours. When i finally did get into the game server stability was well out the window. I quickly learned of the server caps and the DDoS attacks. By the time things got better later that night I could barely stay awake to play.

Questing was not the grind I was expecting it to be. The questing flowed quickly, the quest text is worth reading, the quests are engaging and fun and the bonus objectives were a nice surprise and are a huge boost to leveling. I am actually looking forward to getting my

Do not ever escape out of the in-game cinematics. The story is so engrossing you're really cheating yourself if you don't watch them and follow the story. I'm not ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit during a couple of the cinematics. Needless to say the ground will be flowing with in waves of orc blood.

I expected the garrison to be kinda fun, not as fun as it turned out to be. I'm really digging the followers and sending them on missions. I have the barracks and have two followers that i can chose to be bodyguards outside of the garrison. The only thing I'm not digging on is the barn. Not to keen on going out and trapping animals, just let me me farm them like normal. With that said I despise the tweaks to professions. Leatherworking, cooking, fishing and even first aid are horrible sloggish bores. I haven't made a single bandage or piece of food yet. I'm failing to see the benefit of crafting professions now outside of alchemy and enchanting.

I hit level 100 with my shaman main, Morvahnna a few nights ago and have yet to start questing through Nagrand. I've started the legendary quest line, just need to finish gearing for heroic dungeons. I'm slowly getting my other level 90's through the starting quests and at least getting their garrisons set up, and collecting rested XP while I finish things up with Morvahnna. I'm not taking my paladin through the portal until I get that damn shield off Gruul that I need for transmog.

We'll see what the future content patches bring and see how this expansion shapes up, so far so good.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How I Geek Episode 28 - Best of the West

This week we load it up with more topics than you can hit with a Colt .45. Uncharted 2, Tyranids, Columbus Comic-Con, Big Hero 6, Shadows of Brimstone, Kickstarter, Return of the Dragon, Drake II, Blizzcon, Overwatch, Legacy of the Void, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Doctor Who, Gotham, our top five western movies, westerns on tv, western comic books.

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