Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Outcast King

Valen the Outcast #1
For something a little more recent in the realm of fantasy comics, I present to you Valen the Outcast, created by Ross Richie, written by Michael Alan Nelson with pencils by Matteo Scalera. Telling the story of Valen Brand a strong and revered king, killed defending his people and raised by the necromancer Korrus Null. Valen and his companions Alexio and Zjanna hunt down the necromancer to put a stop to his conquests and reclaim Valen's soul.

The truly sad thing about this series is that it is only eight issues. If I remember right Valen was meant to be an ongoing, however around issue five or six, it was announced that the series would be ending at issue eight. I can only assume that it was due to poor sales and its a damn shame because it was building up to be a very good fantasy comics. I'm a fan of Matteo's art and it suited the story in every way possible way. Nelson's writing was fine, but towards the end you could see where the story was being rushed and I don't blame that on him one bit.

The cool or bad about this series, depending on your point of view, was the number of variant covers. Some issues had up to eight variant covers. Some were con exclusives or exclusives that you could only get through Boom Studios. I'm guilty of picking up some of these variants, only because I'm huge fan of fantasy art. In some cases I was offered some good deals on the variants and I may have lost track of which issues I had and double ordered some issues.

You may be able to find singles issues at Boom's online storefront, otherwise the story is available in two trade paperbacks and on Comixology. I do hope these character get another shot in the future, because Valen the Outcast was a solid idea for a fantasy story, the characters were likable and it was a good book, so go read it.

Valen the Outcast #8

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