Sunday, April 13, 2014

The How I Geek Fitness Challenge

Earlier this year I wrote that I was going to get healhier, partly because I just need do it and I ekp seeing Neila Rey's geek themed workouts popping up on just about every forum that I'm on. I haven't been doing a great job of keeping on it. I had reached my heaviest weight of 245 and had gotten down to 228 but I've started slacking and gained ten pounds back.

I'm not an over eater. I don't eat a ton of junk food it's very rare for me to grab a candy bar, chips or Twinkies. I know exactly what my weaknesses are. Lack or "real" exercise is the biggest. I get about five miles of walking in a day at work , sometime more but my body is accustomed to that.

My biggest food vices are cereal, soda and pizza. I am a cereal killer and it's not just the sugary diabetic inducing goodness of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, I can down a whole box of Cheerios, Wheaties or corn flakes in a day with no sugar added. I can eat cereal all day everyday and all of those carbs and dairy is a problem. I can go a few days without soda and my normal day is usually one can or bottle with lunch and dinner and I usually go for all natural sodas, nothing with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. It doesn't seem like to bad of a vice but, when I go long periods without soda, there comes a day of binge drinking which is not so good. As for the pizza, it's just so versatile. I don't eat that much, well every seven to ten days, every once in a great while maybe twice a week. There are so many variations and it's probably my go to comfort food.

That all said, I approached my friends and co-hosts with a fitness challenge using Neila's workouts and using our blogs and the show to track and share our progress, and maintain a level of accountability. John took me up on it and we're starting it tomorrow. We'll post each day's workout on our blogs and give updates on the show.

Support and well wishes are welcome.

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