Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fitness Challenge Days 2 & 3

Having been an athlete in high school doesn't help you twenty some years later unless you were smart enought o stay physically active. I've worked out before, this sin't my first attempt at trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I know you're supposed to get yourself loosened up before exercising. That didn't help me though on Monday when I started this as I ended up doing some real damage to the quads in my left leg. Feel fine otherwise.

I've been getting some extra walking in at work and on the treadmill just to keep the leg loose and still get at least some kind of exercise. Talked with my fitness coach (one of the benefits from my wife's job) and I'm taking her adive to to take it easy and change up the workouts in the same manner that Neila suggests, at least for awhile.

Working out in this manner is nothing new to me, I just have a bad habit of not sticking to a program for long. Something just went wrong this time around.


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