Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Can You Live This Fantasy Life?

One of the things I've mentioned on our podcast is how much I love the fantasy genre and fantasy comics. If you pull up fantasy comics on wikipedia or comixology, you get a mind blowing number of titles, and the kicker is that those aren't complete lists of what's out there. It leaves one wondering what are the staple fantasy titles, what titles are the cream of the crop and what are the hidden gems? I also have to ask how many of these are traditional fantasy titles? How many are sub-genres, cross genre or just on the borderline of even being fantasy?

I've read a decent number of fantasy titles for what I could get my hands on; growing up in a small town I was at the mercy of whatever comics the local grocery and drug stores had available, which really only ever consisted of DC's The Warlord or the various Conan titles from Marvel. Every so often you might be able to find an issue of Heavy Metal or Savage Sword of Conan among the magazines.

I'm going to do some spotlights here some of my favorite titles and characters are from comics, games and movies. You can blame this all on two titles going on right now, Rat Queens and Skullkickers. Along the way I might try to figure why certain titles/properties don't qualify as "fantasy" to me.

My love for fantasy sprouted sometime in 1979. I remember the family doctor's office having older Warlord, Conan and Red Sonja comics, the covers were never intact and although I wasn't interested in reading them at the time, I couldn't get enough of the imagery. Cartoons like Thundarr and Herculoids pushed it along and by 1981 fantasy films are what really put my fandom into a kick start. The day my dad had friends over to play Dungeons & Dragons was final nail in the coffin.

I'll be starting off with Conan, Red Sonja or Warlord, all of which I consider to be staple fantasy comics. It's been a very long time since I've read these and they go back to the 1970's, I'd say that they're must reads but can't say how well they hold up. So, until then keep an eye out for that and kudos if you got the reference in the post's title.

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