Friday, April 11, 2014

All work and no raiding.

It's that time once again where in the life of a World of Warcraft expansion that people start or are already into the end of expansion blues. The game doesn't seem as fun, in some cases it feels like a job, logging in just for the sake of getting in game and doing anything.

I could level some alts but for what purpose? I could get back to working on my Loremaster achievements but that's feeling like work and isn't very fun right now. My guild stopped raiding on Fridays and is now raiding only on Saturday and Sunday. Finding a group to raid with on Friday's has not gone well at all and so I'm now left with nothing much to do. It sucks.

I'm considering dropping my subscription until Warlords of Draenor gets here. Guess I could put that $15 a month into my vinyl album collection until then. I'd rather be dropping Garrosh. I still need my dark shaman transmog set and would like to get some more shots at those heirlooms.

If any Alliance side raid teams need a spot filled for a 10/25 normal, I have an ilevel 559 enhancement shaman, Morvahnna on Vek'nilash that's available on Friday evenings. Since my guild dropped the Friday raids it's been awhile since I've been in Siege but I know the fights, might need to brush up on them though. Drop me a line or look for me in game. Doomseeker#1302.

I should probably update this.

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