Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vinyl Love: Bachman-Turner Overdrive - II

I haven't done one of these in a long time and it's time I get back into it. Only problem is, there always isn't going to be information and history to be found on the making of an album, not unless you can get some chat time in with the band members. That's the case with BTO's second album. I did find a few books out there but have not been able to get my hands on any of them yet.

This is all I can really say about the album and let's all be honest with ourselves, they don't make rock like this anymore. It's called classic for reason, and today's music can only hope to be remembered for just a fraction of the time that albums like this have been.

The album peaked on the charts at number six in Canada and and number four in America. Two singles were released, "Let It Ride" and "Takin' Care Of Business." Both songs charted at nummber three in Canada, while peaking at number 23 and 12 respectively in the US with 'Takin' Care of Business" becoming one of the more well known rock anthems.

Randy Bachman - guitar, vocals
Robbie Bachman - percussion, drums
Tim Bachman - guitar, vocals
Fred Turner - bass, vocals
Norman Durkee - piano on "Takin' Care of Business"

Side One:
1. Blown
2. Welcome Home
3. Stonegates
4. Let It Ride

Side Two
5. Give It Time
6. Tramp
7. I Don't Have to Hide
8. Takin' Care of Business

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