Monday, February 3, 2014

New Year Goals Status Report

It's a new month so I thought I'd check in and share how I'm doing on those goals I set for the new year.

When it comes to getting into a healthier lifestyle I haven't even tried...well maybe a little. I did a few days of eating better, drinking more water, drinking less soda and I'm still getting in 3-5 miles of walking in a day but that's not being off to a good start. Sad thing is that I also have access to a health coach but don't take advantage of that. I'm gotten into a hyper negative mindset revolving around the whole concept of living a healthy lifestyle and that is my biggest problem, constantly and genuinely not caring about my health. I need to break out of that.

I've been seeing Neila Ray's workout stuff popping up on different forums that I'm on and so I decided to look into it more. Neila has a number of daily workouts some of which she has given geek centric themes to and that naturally caught my attention. I'm thinking I may give her stuff a try. She has some starter programs that seem like a better place to start than jumping right into the workouts. So right now, I'm just looking at the material and when I'm ready to get started in an effort to help keep me on track, I'll post each day's health related stuff and hope that my reader's will call me out on it if I don't.

If you want to check out Neila's workouts you can find them here.

A list is made for all of the projects that need to be done on the home front. A large majority of it is better done in warmer weather so although I'm waiting on that, I'm not just squatting until the weather gets better. The list of work to be done is made. The list of materials is constantly being updated. Homework on what needs to be done is getting done. I am by no means any kind of a handyman so I've been reading articles, watching videos and talking to people who do that kind of work as a living for advice. There isn't going to be much progress on this until spring gets here.

Doing more stuff and things as a family hasn't gone well. We started off the new year introducing the kids to the Pathfinder role playing game. It went really well, the kids seemed to be having fun but they have not been so inclined to finish up the adventure. Beyond that we try to have a family movie or game night every weekend but something always comes up to keep it from happening. Not to mention the difficulty in deciding on what movies are to be watched and games to be played. It also saddens me that breaking away from the traditional board and card games never happens. There are so many good games out there to be played besides Scrabble, Yahtzee and Uno. The kids wanted to play Munchkin, so I picked it up and over a year later it still hasn't been played.

Am I playing less World of Warcraft? Nope. Although day to to day I've gone down from playing one to two hours a day to just tending to my four farms, killing Ordos four times a weeks and still trying for the Ashes of Al'ar. I'm running flex on Fridays but I've hit a gear wall for my main, she only needs three more pieces and none of them are dropping. My guild is running ten man normal on Saturdays but that's the one day I can't and won't raid. that leaves me with taking my alts through the Friday flex runs, or somehow finding the time to get into a ten man normal with strangers. I've been holding off on leveling any other alts because of the level boost coming in the expansion.

I haven't touched Audacity beyond just talking into the mic and trying to get used to sound of my voice. Podcasting is way, way down the line.

I got nine posts up for the month of January. I was originally trying to get one post up by each Monday night and I think that I made that...I think. That's still my goal, at least one blog post a week by no later than each Monday night as the weekly cut off.

What I'm thinking of doing is is revisiting this as we start a new month and see if I'm all talk or actually getting stuff done.

As far as some of my older writings go, I plan on continuing all of that stuff. I'm probably dropping my WoW PvP diary due to time, I haven't done any battlegrounds since my last post about it. My comic reading is down to almost none. I'm in a bit of a burn out. I've cut my pull list down by over half and right now, just have no desire to read. I'm sure it'll pick up again and when it does I'll get back to writing about comics. I also have not had much time to put my turntable to use. My wife's brother-in-law gave me a ton of albums over the summer and I've gotten through five or six of them and more than anything else I really want to get writing about the vinyl again.

Currently reading Exiles in Arms: Moving Targets and should have to finished up very soon and that will likely be the subject of my next post.

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