Thursday, December 25, 2014

First Annual How I Geek/Adeptus Infernus Christmas Something

It's Christmas time! John and Greg discuss some of their favorite Christmas movies, some of their memorable Christmases and manage to tie Warhammer 40K into the discussion. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our listeners, friends and families.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How I Geek Episode 30 - Juggalo Terminator

This week on the world's favorite half-assed podcast, the guys have a half-assed spotlight on the films of Quentin Tarantino amongst others stuff. Zombicide: Rue Morgue, Dust Tactics, painting minis, Batman: Arkham Assault, Warhammer 40K, the Sony hack, DC Deck Builder Game, Altered States, Battle of the Five Armies, Geektrocities and more!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Adeptus Infernus Episode 010

In this episode John and Greg continue the talk on Blood Angels and other gaming news. Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Forge World dreadnoughts, Raging Heroes, Privateer Press and more.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Doing Something with World of Warcraft

Starting up a video series a video series of my time in World of Warcraft. I have no idea what it's going called, but it will be available here and and on our network's YouTube channel, with the live stream available at Twitch. My son Jason will be offering play by play analysis and color commentary. If/when we get another computer, we'll get Jason in the game and maybe get my wife to start playing again too. That would be a lot of fun.

What will this series be about? The main focus will be leveling my paladin, Caedence through Draenor and teaching myself to tank...again. This is not going to be a tutorial kind of thing, we're going for comedy. Something the boy and I can have fun with since we dropped to one pc. We'll mess around with some of my other toons and maybe let Jason wreak some havoc on Azeroth as he levels his worgen warrior.

Hoping to have the first episode up this weekend.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How I Geek Episode 29 - Because Chris Still Listens

After nearly a month we're back with tv, movie, gaming and comic talk. Spoilers ahead, you've been warned. Robotech Tactics, Dust Tactics, Wrath of Kings, Shadows of Brimstone, Walking Dead, Z Nation, Hitman Absolution, Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Marvel casting (Doctor Strange, Jessica Jones), Deadpool, Agents of SHIELD, Jurassic World, James Bond SPECTRE, Geektrocities and more!

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Adeptus Infernus Episode 009

We're back after long break with a truck load of talk on Blood Angels, End Times for 40K, Blood Angels, Smaug, Blood Angels, Games Workshop & Blizzard, Blood Angels, Descendants of Isha, Blood Angels, Forge World, Blood Angels and Warmachine. Did I mention Blood Angels? Becasue I think we talk about some Blood Angels stuff.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Week Into Warlords

It's been a week since Warlords of Draenor launched, so I may as well do something with that.

On day one I had no problems getting into the game and although there was some lag, it wasn't too bad, it could have been much worse with sheer amount of of other players I saw. The waves of bodies as I materialized on the other side of the Dark Portal was truly something take in and gaze upon. The opening run through Tanaan Jungle was incredibly fun and did have this sense of urgency to it, even with the cornball way of introducing each of orc warlords.

Friday is when the fit hit the shan. My queue to get into the game was not as bad of others. I only had a wait time of 109 minutes and and 689 people ahead me. I heard tales of others having the upwards of 3000 other players ahead of them and queue times of almost ten hours. When i finally did get into the game server stability was well out the window. I quickly learned of the server caps and the DDoS attacks. By the time things got better later that night I could barely stay awake to play.

Questing was not the grind I was expecting it to be. The questing flowed quickly, the quest text is worth reading, the quests are engaging and fun and the bonus objectives were a nice surprise and are a huge boost to leveling. I am actually looking forward to getting my

Do not ever escape out of the in-game cinematics. The story is so engrossing you're really cheating yourself if you don't watch them and follow the story. I'm not ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit during a couple of the cinematics. Needless to say the ground will be flowing with in waves of orc blood.

I expected the garrison to be kinda fun, not as fun as it turned out to be. I'm really digging the followers and sending them on missions. I have the barracks and have two followers that i can chose to be bodyguards outside of the garrison. The only thing I'm not digging on is the barn. Not to keen on going out and trapping animals, just let me me farm them like normal. With that said I despise the tweaks to professions. Leatherworking, cooking, fishing and even first aid are horrible sloggish bores. I haven't made a single bandage or piece of food yet. I'm failing to see the benefit of crafting professions now outside of alchemy and enchanting.

I hit level 100 with my shaman main, Morvahnna a few nights ago and have yet to start questing through Nagrand. I've started the legendary quest line, just need to finish gearing for heroic dungeons. I'm slowly getting my other level 90's through the starting quests and at least getting their garrisons set up, and collecting rested XP while I finish things up with Morvahnna. I'm not taking my paladin through the portal until I get that damn shield off Gruul that I need for transmog.

We'll see what the future content patches bring and see how this expansion shapes up, so far so good.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How I Geek Episode 28 - Best of the West

This week we load it up with more topics than you can hit with a Colt .45. Uncharted 2, Tyranids, Columbus Comic-Con, Big Hero 6, Shadows of Brimstone, Kickstarter, Return of the Dragon, Drake II, Blizzcon, Overwatch, Legacy of the Void, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Doctor Who, Gotham, our top five western movies, westerns on tv, western comic books.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

How I Geek Episode 27 - Mike Mine Marvel

All the superhero movie talk that you can cram into a podcast. We talk about all of the news from the Marvel Studios event, touch on DC/Warner Brothers and get some tv and comic book talk in as well. Listen here, download on itunes or find us on Stitcher Radio. Contact the show at or look us up on facebook

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trying not to get my hopes up....

Marvel, please do not play around with my emotions in this manner. If this turns out to be a "what if" or alternate universe, it will be a giant kick to the ballsack of my heart. Not cool, Marvel. Seeing May on Pete's shoulder makes it hurt even worse.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Breaking Up With Comics

We all come to some point in our hobbies that we come to a crossroads or burnout of sorts. I've reached that point with comics for different reasons. I dropped my pull list at my local comic shop, I feel like a horrible person for doing but I had to do it.

First and foremost, I'm just sick and tired of taking care of single issues and even collected trades. They've over run the mancave, sitting in piles uncatalogued, many unread just sitting around collecting dust. I used to love cataloging my books, putting them in alphabetical and numeric order. I even went on a two year long project of putting all of my books in a new order altogether, by sale date, the goal being to reread my collection in the order that the books were published and put on sale. That was fun, but it got to be such a large undertaking that I decided to keep it narrowed down to comics from 1977 to 1987 and continue working on it going backwards from 1977 as I work on my bronze age collection. Right now all of my books from that alst two years are getting shoved into boxes with no bags and boards which at one point would be blasphemy to me.

I'm not enjoying much of anything. I'm not saying that there isn't anything good coming out of the Big 2 and elsewhere, but I'm tired of writers that should be delivering but not doing so. I'm tired of seeing these long periods of times where everything is dark, gritty and grim. Those stories are fine in small doses, long term though it's just no fun. So I have found joy in reading a very limited number of writers and titles. Reading anything lately though has been feeling way too much like work. If it feels like work take a step back, right?

Lastly, I no longer find any value in paying $3-$4 for a single issue. the value just isn't there for me anymore. Chalk it up as the crotchety old man rising up in me. I just can't pay it anymore whether in print or digital, but I still do want to support the writers and artists that I am enjoying. Waiting for the price drop for digital feels like a big stab in the back to my local shop. So that leaves me waiting for the trades which just circles around to having to take care of physical books again.

I have no idea what I want and where I want to be with comic books right now. Maybe I just need a break. I took a break from comics once before and it lasted twelve years. I don't want to see that happen again. So, I'm taking at least a three-fourth months off and see where that leads.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Adeptus Infernus 006

This week's episode covers Blood Angels rumors, usefulness of Dark Eldar Wyches (or lack thereof), Necrons, Tyranids, Nurgle Blightknights, Adepticon 2015 and Warhammer 40000 Conquest.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How I Geek Episode 26 - Here Be Monsters

In celebration of Halloween, we kick a month of appropriately themed shows starting with our top five monster movies.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adeptus Infernus 005

This week, Frank, John and Greg continue the discussion on Dark Eldar news and rumors, start a week by week overview of psychic powers and John shares some how he did in some recent games of 40K.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #5 (SPOILERS)

This last issue has been out for a while now and I'm not going to go into a play by play account like I have with the previous issues.

The series as a whole was merely okay. The idea that the Queen of Angels had no idea who Angela was all this time I don't buy into at all. Angela's reaction to learning that she's Asgardian, fits but I have not changed my stance on it. I fully despise the idea of Angela being Asgardian with every fiber of my comic book loving being.

I am further disappointed that Angela does not return to Gamora and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Angela says that she has no home but that is so far from the truth, she had a home and family with that band of galactic misfits and that is where she needs to be, end of discussion.

I said that I would give this series a try and I did. Once again Marvel fails and dropped the ball with yet another character, one that could have held a unique and special place in the Marvel Universe. They'll never learn.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Adeptus Infernus 004

This week the guys bring you a weekly dose of straight Warhammer 40K talk. Dark Eldar releases, the Solar Auxilia, Conquest, challenges, unbound armies and more!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adeptus Infernus 002 - Evil Space Elves

With all the excitement surrounding Space Hulk, Dark Eldar updates and the non-stop goodness from Forge World, John and Greg get a quick conversation in on Warhammer 40K and other miniature wargames.

Space Hulk, Solar Auxilia, Forge World Chaos Kits, Dark Eldar (woo hoo!), Planetstrike, FFG 40K dice bags, Green Alliance, Rise of the Kage, Mars Attacks, Warhammer 30K, 7th Edition, Hobby Progress, Kabuki Miniatures and the Horus Heresy novels.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How I Geek Episode 24 - Last Action Something

This week we talk about some of our favorite action/adventure movies.

Our Week in Geek
The Tick
Doctor Who
Monsters: Dark Continent
The Rock is Black Adam
Dracula Untold
The Strain
Avengers: Everbody Wants to Rule the World
Original Sin
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Forge World Open
Pokemon: Primal and Mega Evolutions
Death of Wolverine
Our Top Five Action/Adventure Movies
Expendables 3
Geektrocities and more!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adeptus Infernus 001 - It Begins

The first episode of our first spin-off is up and ready for your auditory receptors. We talk about how we got into Warhammer 40K and miniature wargaming in general, hobby progress, news, rumors and other wargaming items.

Listen here, download from itunes, or find us on Stitcher or at Podbean. Please leave or send us your comments and reviews.


Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #4 (SPOILERS)

This one is going to be done in a quick and dirty style. I'm tired, worn out and in need of some rest.

It turns out the hut in the woods, the "prison of the gods" is where Odin has banished himself and his brother Cul.

Thor has been betrayed by Loki, well, Lady Loki. He is chained up and being tortured.

Loki is charged by the Queen of Angels to attack Asgard. before this happens, we see Loki planting the seeds of doubt into Angela's mind, she begins to question who and what she is.

Loki is leading a fleet of Angels and Planet-Killers to Asgard. Loki, doing what Loki does best, double crosses Heven. Leading their fleet into crashing straight into the defensive shielding protecting Asgard, destroying them all.

Thor, still being bound and tortured, does what any god of thunder would do in this circumstance, he summons a storm. As the Queen is told of her fleet's destruction, Thor brings down the entire building with lightning with Mjolnir flying to his grasp.

We end with Loki at the hut occupied by Odin and Cul. Loki informs Odin that Heven has been freed and of the impending Angel attack on Asgard. The story ends with Odin deciding to return to Asgard.

One issue left and I'm still puzzled over how or why Thor does not recognize Angela from the visions he received from the Watcher's eye.

Ready for the last issue, let's see how they wrap this story up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons... make lemonade, right? Only if you have the water and sugar to do it.

I'm not a fan people posting their problems online for the world to see, but I understand that as a venting process, as a way to just work the problem out in your head as you're writing isn't necessarily a bad thing. I guess it's just a matter of what kind of problems you're facing and if you really want that laundry out there. So, here I am, venting in a forum open for the world to see. Just hoping to get some of the weight off my shoulders and clear up all this stuff festering in my head.

Just under a month ago my wife and were hit with financial devastation through no fault of ours. It was completely unexpected and it could have ruined us utterly and completely. It not only wiped out our checking account but a savings too. Like most men do, I was prepared not to ask for help. I was ready to endure the storm as best I could until it was over, but if I had done that, it would have caused more harm than good.

Unexpectedly I was lifted up by the love of my friends and family. They stepped in and had I not accepted their help, we really would have been in a much worse position. It was enough to put food on the table and keep the lights on. I was given a kick in the ass, and I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough.

At work I was able to pick up a significant amount of overtime, however all it did was allow us break even while still waiting on the bank and the people responsible for this debacle to get it all sorted out. Sixty hours of overtime, and all of it went to fill a hole that we didn't dig. We're are also still waiting for the return of what was taken from us, which my belief in that happening dwindles daily and is now almost non-existent.

Since this happened I decided to evaluate everything related to our income and expenses. We have not been spending outside of our means. Things would have to be saved for otherwise we just went without. There has always been a certain amount of money for comics, games or whatever, but I'm thinking that should probably stop.

I only get nine comic books a month. Five of those are bought specifically for the kids. the only gaming I spend money on is the subscription for World of Warcraft, which again, isn't much. Last item is my storage and hosting for the podcast., not a wallet breaker by any means. I just think going forward, since the cost of living keeps infinitely rising while the purchasing power of our paychecks infinitely dwindle, that it's time to tighten the belt. If anything just to build a bit of better safety net.

My paycheck has gotten smaller anyways due to a hefty rise in household expenses (home and auto insurance, property taxes and utilities) and so it's probably a good idea anyways. So out are the comics and the sub to Warcraft. Comics are something that I can catch up on, as is playing WoW. It's not much, but that $45-$50 a month will add up. The podcast has been paid up for through April back when we started it.

All I have been doing is thinking about how to keep this from happening again. First thing that came to mind is dropping the bank and paying everything by cash and money orders. All banking does is give you some minor conveniences in exchange for bigger headaches. Although my bank was not responsible for what happened, I don't need it for anything. Right off the bat, that takes away the problem that caused all of this. Paying your bills online, setting up automatic payments and the big one, authorizing a one time payment for a specific date and amount, but the payee takes whatever they want, whenever they want.

Since all of this happened I have only received one phone call from the people that wrongfully took what was not yet theirs to have. What did they want? They money that they already took. Honestly I have no idea how that company stays in business with the way it's operated. We've had nothing but trouble from them since they bought our mortgage.

I'm done with it all. I'm just going to work as much as I can and horde every damn cent at home, out of the hands of greedy incompetent corporations so that my family never has to go through this again.

I'm calling it before I get into a full tirade in here. Lot of good this did for venting.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How I Geek Episode 23 - Yeah, We're Still Here

Just when you thought that we might be gone for good, we show up with a podcast so mediocre, you can't help but listen. This week we spend some time talking about Dave and John's romp through Gen Con, discuss the new Doctor (SPOILERS) and engage in some general geek talk in this over sized episode.

John and Dave tell us about this years Gen Con
Gen Con: Then and Now
Star Wars Imperial Assault
Dust Tactics
Sons of Anarchy
DC Deck Building Game
Legend of the Five Rings
Forge World
Robotech Tactics
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Shadows and Brimstone
Warhammer 40K
Dark Eldar
Sisters of Battle
Raging Heroes' Sisters of Eternal Mercy
Doctor Who Season Premiere (SPOILERS)
Comparing Doctors
Casting the Doctor
Companion Talk
Reboot: Underworld
Reboot: Greatest American Hero
Wesley Snipes and Blade
The Equalizer
The Rob Liefeld App
Agents of SHIELD
Warmachine Tactics
Kickstarter Spotlights - Mars Attacks, Designers & Dragons and Pariah Missouri Book 2
Geektrocities and more!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #3 (SPOILERS)

Issue three is here and so is my recap of the issue.

Like the previous issues we got a shot of the secluded cottage. This time we see a game of chess being played between two people. We are not told who they are, they are referred to as the Pale King and Dark King. Their faces are hidden in shadow but you can still make them out.

Angela has a flashback to when she first met Tony Stark and the Guardians. She remembers stark telling her about Earth and its inhabitants. The mutants, the super powered being, the monsters, but what of Asgardians?

We jump right into the fight between Angela and Thor with Angela in complete control. through the whole fight, Thor doesn't land a single blow. Although he is physically stronger, Angela's speed is too much for Thor to handle.

Meanwhile, Loki is having tea with the Queen of Angels. She reveals that she was appointed to be Earth's protector by Odin himself, to keep Asgardians from doing harm to the planet and it's people.
In the end she betrayed Odin. The queen was only concerned with rewards and payment; a mercenary that would sell out a client in an instant.

The Queen made deals with the enemies of Asgard, uniting them together. She offered Odin a chance to pay her off in order to betray those enemies. Odin of course refused. He recognised her as the honorless scum she was. The Queen had absolutely no concept of what honor was and meant to the Asgardians, she saw ans an empty concept that Odin used an empty reward for his people's work and sacrifices. And this is what brought about the war between Heven and Asgard.

Angela has Thor down and out, ready to slit his throat when she is stopped and ordered to take him captive. Chained up, Thor awakens surrounded by Angela, the Queen of Angels, several Angels and their newly appointed Mistress of Strategies, Lady Loki.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

World of Warcraft: 10 Years, 10 Questions

Over at Alt: erantive Chat there is a wildfire spreading amongst WoW bloggers, 10 Years, 10 Questions. I always up for WoW talk and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

1. Why did you start playing World of Warcraft?

In the past I had always been a console gamer. I had gotten a high end gaming laptop and decided to try my hand PC gaming, mmorpg's in particular because i had never played one.

I started with Guild Wars and through twelve levels I didn't find it much fun at all. When trying to get advice or help from people in game it was like trying to pull a tooth from a t-rex. I then looked to World of Warcraft.

I wasn't keen on having to pay for a game and then having a monthly subscription fee on top of that. I can't remember what finally made pull the trigger. I had already started listening to The Instance and World of Warcast, about two months before jumping into WoW, getting a feel for the game and the community. I started researching lore, read some of the novels and dabbled in Warcraft 3. I was getting hooked before having ever played the game.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

Elwhyn, a female Night Elf warrior modeled and named after my first Dungeons & Dragons character from back in the mid 80's. I had seen the Night Elves in Warcraft 3 and thought they were cool and I'm a huge fan of female heroes like Red Sonja, so it was a no brainer from the start.

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

I was already predetermined to play a character modeled after my first D & D character. Also, I had been playing fantasy rpg's since 1986, killing orcs, trolls, undead and minotaurs (close enough to tauren) by the hundreds if not thousands. I found absolutely nothing in those races and their lore to interest me enough to try them so I went Alliance.

That doesn't mean I didn't try the Horde side. To this day, i still cannot find anything even remotely interesting on the Horde side of the game to keep me playing a Horde toon. I've tried neraly every race/class combination and can never get one past level 42. I even factioned changed one of my 90's and soon as I could change her back, I did.

The Horde is boring and they stink so bad that you can smell them through your computer.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

Two things. I died to some satyr in Teldrassil and when looking for my corpse I fell off of the tree.
My first romp through Warsong Gulch. I had no idea what to do or what I was doing. I got in mid-battle and running through Silverwing Hold and cames across an orc and a troll. We just stood there looking at other. i waved. they waved back. We started dancing then we all seemed to remember at the same time that we were supposed to be killing each other.

5. What is your favorite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Exploration. From that first time I logged in, I've been comepletely enamored with exploring the world and finding things I've not seen before or just looked over too quickly. I loved it to a fault, because I was constantly wandering into areas way past my level, aggroing everything in site. this hasn't changed and the only thing coming even remotely close is transmogging.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

Teldrassil, Darkshore and Ashenvale. I'm still heart broken over the changes to Darkshore and Ashenvale. Also, on a moutain outside of Stormwind there is a cottage with a bunch a sheep. I can't help but blast the mechanical one that makes the gnome run outside and yell at you.

7. How long have you /played and has it been continuous?

About 250 days spread out over twenty some charcaters.. My play time has not been continuous. I take breaks and have fits of boredom with the game from time to time.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Only the first time unless it is a classic/epic questline like the Darrowshire stuff back in classic WoW.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

I have a few. Early on I fell into the addiction trap. I have an addictive personality to begin with and even though I did everything I could to avoid it, what time I spent in game was never enough and so I started making time by taking it away from the people that were much more important. Luckily I snapped out of it. I now play only 30 to 60 minutes a day unless I manage to get into a raid. I can go several days without playing and have gone three months or so without logging in at all. However, when I go a long time without playing I still get the urge to binge play.

Not getting into raiding sooner and still being super nervous and scared of raiding. Not trying to tank more. I love melee classes. I love charging right up on a mob or boss and punching it in the crotch, making fun of its mama. I have the mindset for a tank, I'm just scared to death of the responsibility.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside of the game?

Having friends in game that have become real life friends. It contributed to my desire to become a blogger and podcaster. It gave me a new way to in which to vent and work things out in my daily life. When I have a bad day or just need to work things out in my head, I log into WoW and hit some battlegrounds and run some dungeons.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm running out of time...

With the release date for Warlords of Draenor coming soon, I'm now in a frantic rush to get things done before the expansion drops. Granted, I don't have to get this stuff done, but I would really like to and I feel that I'm in a race to beat the clock.

In no particular order:

Get the Kor'kron Dark Shaman transmog set
Kill Garrosh on normal, heroic would nice but normal is mandatory.
Get two fist weapons off the Protectors at normal or heroic level. I have the Talon/Claw of the Phoenix which are going to waste. I farmed those for transmog and I would like use them.
Finish Loremaster. I still have four zones Outland and three in Nothrend to finish.
Finish farming the Skayshatter mail set for transmog.
Finish farming the Cyclone mail set for transmog.
Finish farming the Ten Storms recolor mail set for transmog.
Farm the White Tiger plate set for transmog.
Finish farming the Ymirjar Lord plate set for transmog.
Finish Outland reputation grinds.
Make more gold. Just because I want to.
Do the Cata raids. I still have not done any of the raids from Cataclysm.

In all, not a bad list but still quite a lot to do before October which is the common prediction for Warlords. Killing Garrosh and getting my dark shaman transmog set are the highest priority. It's getting to the point where I am considering buying a kill run. So if any raid team out there could use a fill in 567 enhancement shaman, give me a shout.

Friday, August 8, 2014

How I Geek Episode 22 - Back In My Day

Explicit Language Warning. We triumphantly return from our unintended week off with talk on our top five classic video games, Guardians of the Galaxy and DBZ: Battle of Gods. Spoilers and hometown ranting ahead!

Our Week in Geek (Game of Thrones, Quest, World of Warcraft, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zombicide, Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods
Batman vs Superman bows out to Cap 3
Fantasy Casting: Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones
Guardians of the Galaxy breaks $200 Million
World of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary
Warlords of Draenor
Our Top Five Classic Video Games
Honorable Mentions
The Great Ship & Shore Rant of 2014
Hometown Reminiscing

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Galactic Guardians and Gods of Destruction (SPOILERS)

Over the past few days I've been able to see Gaurdians of the Galaxy twice and cath the limited screening of Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods. Both were incredibly fun to watch and and I'd happily dish out the money to see them again.

There isn't too much to nitpick about either movie.

The biggest things in Guardians that stood out to me was the lack of developing Gamora and Drax being more powered down than I thought he would be. Drax at one point could go punch for punch with Thor, had flight and could shoot energy blasts. Drax's power and skill set has been altered a few times throughout his history. Although I like the more powerful Drax, the changes the character has seen have been fine and fit the stories being told. I was just really hoping to see the throwdown between Drax and Ronan to be at least somewhat even. Outside of that Dave Bautista did a wonderful job playing the character.

In regards to Gamora, they really didn't do anything to get you into the character. She's tired of killing, she's tired of being around Thanos and wants to get away from it all. There is absolutely nothing there to show you the character's plight and so you have no attachement to the character in any way. Zoe Saldana played the character well, but there was nothing there storywise to give her any depth.

Battle of Gods is the first orginal DBZ film in about seventeen years. It takes place during the ten years of peace before Goku leaves to train Uub. Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction is awakened. The Kai's make Beerus out to be this horrible evil villain a thousand times worse than Freiza, Cell and Buu combined. However, you get no real sense that Beerus is in fact evil. Beerus is a deity, and like all deities he throws a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants and so destroys whatever planets are in his way. It's how deities are portrayed in many stories. Like Goku, Beerus lives for finding opponents to challenge his fighting capabilities. You end up liking the guy right away.

Goku, always training to bring himself to the next level, finally encounters an opponent that he cannot beat and concedes. Beerus and Goku part having a great deal of respect for each other and opens the door for Beerus to be a new ally and friend that Goku can call upon if needed.

The movie was great, the comedy was well placed and organic, the action was solid and although some of the voice acting has been altered since DBZ was airing regularly on Cartoon Network, it was fine. Can't wait to get this on Blu-Ray.

Big thank you to my co-hosts. my long time friends and brothers, John and Dave who treated me to these fine films.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Going on a Hiatus

When life hands you lemons, you can't always make lemonade.

Unfortunately I have no choice but to put the podcast on hiatus because of some blows dealt by life which has caused some financial hardship. I'll not have any internet services at home probably through the entire month of August. I can at least access my blog at a place that will remain unnamed but I will have no use of the things I need in order to record with the guys, no upkeep on the show's facebook page, and nothing else that the internet brings.

Disconnecting is not all bad though. they say technology brings us closer together, that it's making the world smaller. That is true, but only up to a certain point is that a good thing. We let technology run our lives too much. We've let it become something that distracts us, interrupts us and it takes our attention and time away from people and things that are much more important.

I just wanted to get something out there to let you all know. We're not pod fading. We're not breaking up. It's just life throwing me a curve ball.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things Are Brewing

As I mentioned here, I wanted to do something with Transformers (G1) season three. My co-host and long time friend Dave Brown reached out to me said he'd love to do some with Transformers and other cartoons. We did some brainstorming and this what we've come up with.

A spin off podcast on various cartoon series. Each episode will be us watching one episode doing commentary and then a quick review. We'll be posting the video on YouTube and and audio version to itunes. This is something that we can do without a regular schedule and fit in whenever we both have time. So we're looking at at 45-60 minute show at most.

Because I hate editing and have not yet found an editing program that I like and can afford, this again will be a raw and unedited show. Which should be interesting especially for the video side of it.

We'll be starting off with a one off show that is just a quick and dirty review of Transformers the Movie and Five Faces of Darkness, no commentary. The first regular episode will be joint commentary and review and will on The Killing Jar. We will work our way through G1 Transformers season three, one note though, we'll be going by production order, not by episode number or air date. We'll be ending this portion of this new venture with another quick and dirty review of the craptastic three episode season four.

After we finish up season three of Transformers, or maybe even during, we'll be adding other cartoon series into the mix and working our way back to the first season of Transformers. It just depends how far Dave and I want to take this. It will all depend on what show we have equal interest in, what we can find streaming, what we both have on DVD or what we can find for dirt cheap. We might discuss adding some animated movies and anime series into the mix. Like I said, it just depends on how far both of want to take this.

We'll be doing a test run sometime this week to make sure everything is working fine. If it turns out really well maybe we'll even post it and hope that viewers and listeners give us some feedback and suggestions. You'll be able to find the new show on the How I Geek feed at Podbean and on itunes. The YouTube channel will be added to the links sidebar both here and at Podbean.

Just one thing left to figure out and that's a name. We haven't come up with a name and I don't know if we need one. My original thoughts were doing this without a name and for our show titles and just using the the name of the cartoon series we're watching and its respective episode titles.

Keep an eye out, I'll let you all know we the first episode is up.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman

The first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman has been released, and look at that! She looks like Wonder Woman! My only complaint is the that costume is a bit too dark. My only concerns are wanting Justice League to be an awesome movie, and hope that all of these actors coming together put forth their best effort into their respective characters.

I'm having a very hard time understanding why so many people are hung up an Gal's height, her muscle tone and definition, her weight, and not surprising, at all her chest size. Why? What does it matter? All that should matter is that she has the acting skills to play a convincing Wonder Woman.

The people clamoring for Gina Carano, and other athletes and actresses, please find a way to get over it. There isn't a huge size and tone difference between the two of them. Look at other female athletes. Look at American Ninja's Kacy Catanzaro. There isn't anything in gal's physical stature that says to me, "No, this woman cannot be Wonder Woman, let alone a convincing one." Even Lynda Carter wasn't overly toned or muscular.

What the hell is wrong with the fan base? You've been asking for Wonder Woman to be on the big screen for years. Well, her she is and all you can do is complain about her size. What happened to being glad that it's finally happening? What happened to leaving final judgement for after we see how well Gal Gadot performs in the film. I don't get it.

When I see casting news for these characters, I may say, well, that's not how I pictured it. I'm not moaning over analyzing the choice, saying that it sucks and the movie is going to stink because of it. I get not being happy with a how a character is cast, but when is enough enough? Why can't we just celebrate that we're getting all of these movies in the first place? We can gripe later if they're bad movies.

It's going to be fine folks. Settle down and just be glad that even get to have this movie. If it turns out I'm wrong, okay, I'll admit I was wrong, but I doubt that will be the case.

And go visit Trev's blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How I Geek Episode 21 - Nutjob Whackadoodle

Explicit Language Warning. This week the guys discuss some of the news from the San Diego Comic Con and their favorite James Garner movies.

Zombicide and Kickstarter: When is it too much?
Follow up on previous episode.
Marvel Movies
Will RDJ return for Iron Man 4?
Arrow Season 3
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Guillermo Del Toro talks DC Movies
Sam Raimi is developing an Evil Dead series
Agents of SHIELD Season Two
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Guardians of the Galaxy Animated
The Flash
Walking Dead Season 5
Joaquin Phoenix might be the Sorcerer Supreme
Kevin Smith's "Tusk"
Mad Max: Fury Road
Joe Hill's "Horns"
DC Animation
Movie Anniversaries
Remembering James Garner
Thoughts on Thor and Captain America
Garbage Pail Kids
Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover
Angela: Asgard's Assassin
Escape from New York
Zub & Simone on Conan and Red Sonja
She-Hulk vs Daredevil
Hearthstone: Curse of Naxramas
Lego Batman 3
Warmachine Tactics
Geektrocities and more!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2 (SPOILERS)

Issue two opens up showing us the hut in the forest from the first issue, the prison of gods. This time, a candle light can be seen from the window and as we get a closer look we see the arm and and hand of somebody who is otherwise entirely out of view.

We immediately jump to some where in outer space. The Guardians of the Galaxy are being attacked by warpjackers, snotty rich kids from space that hijack ships in warp just for fun. There is roar of thunder and  Angela explains that it is a voice, it is telling her that door home is open. The voice is of course Future Loki and Angela takes one of the warpjackers ships and leaves the Guardians to fend for themselves. We see Future Loki monologuing about how Angela and Thor were not meant to meet for months later against a common foe, and how dull that would be.

Thor and Loki have made it to Heven, the Tenth Realm and are greeted by a pair of angels. The introductions go well until Thor mentions who he is and where he is from. Fighting of course ensues. Thor explains that he is only looking for his sisters but the angels honestly seem to have no idea what he's talking about. We also see Kid Loki sneak away out of the fight as usual, or so it seems.

A messenger informs the Queen of Angels of the Asgardians who orders that two dreadnoughts be dispatched to the fight. Thor meanwhile is continuing to beat the hell out the Angels and he quickly dispatches the two dreadnoughts. The Queen then orders that a destroyer which some kind of planet killer, however she finds Loki putting a blade to her throat. The two share words and the Queen figures out that Loki is a frost giant not Asgardian, and so the two agree to parlay in a more civil manner.

Thor is still in command of the battle with angels. he again question about his sister and is told that if they knew who she was, she would already be dead. The angel  talking to Thor then heralds the wingless one, the strongest of them all has returned home. Thor turns around to see Angela hovering above him, weapons drawn and ready to kick his ass.

"I am vengeance deferred, Asgardian!"

That is where the issue ends. Seeing Angela run out the Guardians was sad, but next issue we get to see her throw down with the God of Thunder. Should be good, looking forward to it. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Many Podcasts Are Too Many?

I was getting ready for work this morning, updating the podcasts I get through itunes and noticed how I hate the last update itunes got. For whatever reason, I now have to manually update or download every podcast I listen to. That made me realize just how many shows I'm listening to and where the hell do I find the time to listen.

This is what I'm talking about...

Comic Geek Speak
Star Joes
11 O'Clock Comics
Word Balloon
Pardon the Interruption
Tony Kornheiser Show
WTF with Marc Maron
The Nerdist
Alton Browncast
All Things Azeroth
Tauren Think Tank
Convert to Raid
World of Warcast
The Instance
The Morning Stream
Comic Dorks
The Final Score
Film Sack
Daily Tech News Show
Current Geek
Major Spoilers
Chain Attack
Vinyl Experience
Resurrections- An Adam Warlock Podcast
Aweome Movie Podcast
TV Guidance Counselor
Kray Z Comics And Stories
Solitaire Rose Radio
D6 Generation
Big Daddy Graham's Classic Rock Throwdown
all-amERICan comics
Underbase Podcast
Talking Toons

And that's just off the top of my head. I know that I'm forgetting some. And of course I go back and listen to our own show to see how that sounds each week.

So do I have a podcast problem? There can't possibly be enough time in the day or week to listen to all of these right? Wrong. Many of these are weekly, some have no regular schedule at all. I take what is safe work and listen to those there. Everything else I listen to while playing Warcraft, cooking dinner, doing other chores around the house or yard and finally some shows end up being background noise and if I hear something that catches my attention, I'll go back and listen.

So, how many is too many?

Monday, July 21, 2014

You've Got the What?

I started watching season three of the Transformers, again. This is the fourth time I've done so in the last 18-24 months. Thinking maybe I should do something with that. My first thought was doing a spin-off podcast, either a review or commentary type show, or both. But I really don't want to do a solo show and I don't my great co-hosts to feel that they're obligated to join me unless they want to. So, as the great Ronnie Van Zant once song, all I can do is write it. I need to start at the true beginning of season three though and that is with Transformers the Movie.

First off, Hasbro came right out and told you or were at least preparing you for the death of Optimus Prime. Prior to the movie's release and during, commercials for the toys and the movie asked the question, "Does Prime die?" It was crazy talk. There was no way in hell that Optimus Prime dies. Well, he did and my mind was blown.

Killing off characters never happened. Yet not only did many of the classic characters get knocked off, others were changed into into characters altogether and others were just eliminated from the series altogether and their toy counterparts were no longer in production. I never got my Starscream, Shockwave, Jazz or Wheeljack because of that. They were already hard to find and the movie sealed it.

Another thing I never understood was how the two factions were treated in terms of combat in both the series and the movie. In the first two seasons of the series both Autobots and Decepticons could get could bashed up and wounded, even Megatron took his share of lumps. In the movie however the Autobots were like butter against the searing hot knife of the nigh invulnerable Decepticons. What gives? It reminds me of Blizzard's Horde bias ;p.

Even when Rodimus and Grimlock are discovered spying on the 'Cons on Chaar. The Decepticons are down to zero energon and can't even fire their weapons or transform, but Rodimus and Grimlock are blasting them at point blank range and the 'Con's are just taking it like its a gentle rain but in later episodes the 'Con's go back to taking their share of dents and laser fire. No consistency in visuals and storytelling.

The movie itself wasn't that bad, it just lacked some real planning and foresight from Hasbro and Sunbow.

The above are my biggest gripes. We did get a two great tunes from Specter General aka Canadian rock band Kick Axe. The anthem for all things Transformers from Stan Bush. I've had that soundtrack on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital download.

Still hoping to find this again.  
I really dug Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Springer, Ulrtra Magnus and even Wheelie despite how annoying he was. On flipside it was pissing me off while watching season three as a kid to see all of the new episodes centering on just those characters. I was glad to see that Dan Gilvezan was still getting at least some work in the third season as Bumblebee, although even that didn't last long. Another thing I dug is how bat crap crazy Galvatron went after his plasma bath. Not only was this guy more sinister than Megatron, but he was flipping insane.

So, expect something. I'm not sure what yet, but there will be something.

Original Sin #6 (SPOILERS)

So, with two issues left to go, we are still no closer to discovering who actually killed the Watcher.

It's a fairly simple issue with not much to tell.

Dr. Midas and his daughter are headed back to the Watcher's lair on the moon. We know that they are involved in the murder but we do not know to what extent.

The Avengers figure out that they've been played by Fury and all of them, head out to Fury's space station to confront him.

On Fury's space station the teams he assembled are still asking questions but only one gets answered, he picked these specific people to find his replacement.

Fury seals himself off in a room with the Orb who is not doing so well. The Avengers show up, Fury sends all of his life model decoys to keep both the Avengers and the teams he put together from getting in. We then see Fury all armored up, with both of the Watcher's eyes and his bad eye is now glowing blue.

That's the issue in a nutshell. Not much there really. Hoping the last two issues don't follow previous Marvel events. How many big stories like this from Marvel start out really good then the last issue or two didn't live up to previous issues? Regardless, I'm greatly looking forward to final two issues.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How I Geek Episode 20 - That Music Episode

This week's show is all about music, our favorite genres, albums, artists and so on.

Rest in piece James Garner
Our week in geek (Sharknado, Dominion, Defiance, Doug Jones, Andy Serkis, Transformers: Age of Extinction, 13th Warrior, World of Warcraft)
What music is to us and what role it's played in our lives.
Preferred formats and how we listen?
How often do you get to listen?
What we grew up listening to.
Favorite genres or eras in music.
Favorite bands, singers and songwriters.
Our first concert.
Our favorite concert. Some of our favorite albums.
Favorite soundtrack and scores
Geektrocities and more!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Goddess of Thunder

Yesterday, Marvel announced on the View that the current Thor, God of Thunder series will be ending this fall with a new series taking its place in October simply titled Thor. However that was not the biggest part of the announcement. The bomb was that Thor would be losing Mjolnir, and the new wielder will be female.

Right away people were screaming to the Nine Realms griping that Thor was going to be turned into a lady, amongst others things that I'm not going to get into here. Anyways, that's not the case and this is nothing new at all. There have been many different takes on Thor including female. It's nothing to get all worked up about, it'll be fine. The Thor we know will still be in the new series alongside this new female Thor, he just won't have his hammer, he'll have his axe, Jarnbjorn.

So, Thor does something to deem him once again unworthy to wield Mjolnir. This is nothing new and I like having the character relearn his lessons. There is nothing wrong with that. As far as who the mystery woman is, that is something we will learn in a few months. Many comic fans are placing bets on Jane Foster, Thor's newly found sister Angela or one of his future granddaughters.

I'm placing my bets on somebody entirely new. Allowing Jane Foster to be this new Thor seems like on old and cliche idea. I can't find anything exciting about that prospect. Angela, supposedly has her own ongoing series being announced just before or at San Diego Comic Con, so rule her out. One of Thor's future grandchildren makes some sense and that also means time travel. Aaron only teased us with an answer of she may be somebody we've already seen in the pages of his current Thor run or it could be somebody he hasn't introduced just yet. Does it really matter who she is? Having some mystery about it makes it more fun.

In regard to people who are crying over this for whatever reason, you need to stop and get over it. Jason Aaron has been doing a hell of job writing Thor. He is consistently one of the best writers in the industry, what makes you think this is a joke to him or that he's not going to give this story his best effort? I'm looking forward to it. Seeing one of my all time favorite heroes being knocked down a few notches, having to regain his worthiness while he searches for Mjolnir, which happens to be wielded by somebody else, has potential for a great story, and we all now that this will only be a temporary thing. Let's not crap on before we see the actual story.

Don't fret Thor fans, sit back and enjoy the story.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

How I Geek Episode 19 - Murder Cat

This week we we do a lot of talking about Kickstarter, the WWE and just share in some general geek talk. 
Our week in geek
Robotech Tactics, Palladium Books, Kickstarter
Falling Skies, Last Ship
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy
Twilight Zone, Last Starfighter, True Lies
Transformers 4
Assault of Arkham
World Wrestling Entertainmnet
Warhammer 40K
More Kickstarter talk
World of Warcraft

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1 (SPOILERS)

Original Sin #5.1 also know as Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1 is finally here and with it we begin the tale of Angela's origin now that she is a Marvel character and not from Image.

Earlier I've stated that I do no like the idea of Angela being tied to any of the existing Marvel characters. I still believe that by doing so diminishes her uniqueness as the closest thing that Marvel has to a true angelic character. By making her the daughter of Odin, at the least she is now a demi-god. There is a big difference between that and being an angel; all you've really done is add a new Asgardian deity of sorts to the Norse pantheon of the Marvel Universe. It leaves nothing special or unique about her.

I also stated that I was willing to see how Jason Aaron and Al Ewing spun this story. I'm hoping that it goes well, I'm a huge fan of Jason Aaron and he's been doing an amazing job on Thor God of Thunder. However I do not read Loki Agent of Asgard, so I really have no idea what's going with both "kid" Loki and "future" Loki in this issue.

Another thing that annoys me is the double artists. Both artists are fine, but having multiple artists in one issue, regardless of whom they are is a peeve that I have never gotten over. Simone Bianchi only did two pages while Lee Garbett did the rest. Why? Don't get me wrong, both are fine but having the two page spread by Bianchi is a tease and unfortunately I can't really tell what I'm looking at.

The story starts with us looking a hut in a forest. There are only narration boxes telling us that this realm was forgotten by time, sealed off and forsaken and is the prison of gods.

We then flashback to when the secrets held by the Watcher's eye were unleashed. We see a few of the heroes succumbing to these secrets. Thor sees a vision of war, a tenth realm, Odin, angels and of course he sees Angela. Thor then flies off with Luke Cage yelling for him to come back. Thor tells Luke that he must go, the structure of the cosmos is a lie and that he has a sister.

On Asgard, Frejya, the All-Mother is hosting a group of elves asking for safe passage through Alfheim when Thor barges in demanding to speak with her of the these visions of war and the tenth realm. Frejya has her guests escorted out and then she and Thor have it.

Thor explains to Frejya that he has seen all that Wather has seen and that he has seen his sister. Frejya is surprised by this and then tells Thor that he's mistaken, that he has no sister. Thor pleads with her again and Frejya loses it, telling Thor that he has no sister because she is dead. Thor begins an apology but Frejya now insists on telling Thor the truth.

Freyja spins the tale of a war between Asgard and one that has yet been named, but a realm of angels. It will be interesting to see if Marvel give this realm a Norse like name or continue to call it Heven as seen when Angela was captured by the Guardians. Moving on, the war was apparently long and brutal and it was not looking good for Asgard.

Both Odin and Frejya were on the front lines and the Odin-Force had been depleted leaving Odin weakened. A soldier approaches telling them that the angels have broken their defense and have taken one their children, their daughter Aldrif. The Queen of the Angels appears with the child in her arm telling Odin that he could end the war and save his daughter by surrendering. Of course Odin refuses and we are lead to believe that the angel queen kills the child.

The Queen of Angels holding Aldrif/Angela
In his rage, Odin summons the full front of the Odin-Force, tearing the tenth realm from this universe and Yggdrasil itself, sealing it forever. Frejya again insists to Thor that the child is is dead. Thor tells her she is wrong, that she lives and that if she will not help him find her, he will go to somebody that will.

We see the Future Loki talking to Frejya who believes the God of Mischief is responsible and is filling Thor's head with lies. Loki protests explaining that he has nothing to do with it, that it is destiny and it is only the first page leading to the future Asgard in which Thor is king.

Kid Loki is sitting in a restaurant on Earth when Thor walks in asking for his help. Thor tells Loki of about their sister and the Tenth Realm. Loki realizes that he know where the lost realm should be and the brothers concoct a plan to find and enter the Tenth Realm.

We next see Thor and Kid Loki riding through the the cosmos in Thor's chariot lead of course by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Loki explains to Thor that they will need coordinate an attack on the barrier of where the lost realm is located. Loki finds an access point and Thor blasts it open with a the storm of all storms.

This is where we get the two page spread by Simone Bianchi of Thor and Loki looking down at a courtyard or city of the lost realm, some of which has been torn asunder.

We again go to Future Loki who in classic Loki fashion is monologuing while viewing an image of Angela, saying how everything is happening as he remembers it and I get the impression that Loki is scheming as always, that he is not going to let that the future of Asgard unfold like its supposed to.

Overall not a bad issue but I didn't feel that there was anything overly revealing. The meat of this story is what happened to Aldrif/Angela when she was taken by the Queen of Angels. Maybe we will also get a glimpse into why Angela looked at Jean Grey the way she did during the Trial of Jean Grey. We will just have to wait and see what the story holds for us.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They Call Me Tater Salad

Okay, I wasn't going to pay this any attention but if I don't vent I'm going to explode.

Fist let me aplogize because this going to have some very harsh language.

This stupid, dumbass potato salad thing on Kickstarter has to stop. I can not stress how much this pisses angers me the fuck heck off. There are honest people busting there asses butts everyday to just barely get by and this piece of shit crap starts a fundraiser for fucking freaking potato salad which as of this writing has over $70,000.00 in pledges.

What is wrong with the people backing this? You want to help somebody, start at home with the people in need there. If Kickstarter allows this guy to keep the money, it'll be a real tragedy. How disconnected are we as a society that people will not help their own family or neighbnors but give some schmuck in Ohio $70K for fucking potato salad?

Fucktards. Each and every one you who backed this. The "Let's fund a real Death Star" was good joke, but joke or not, Kickstarter should have put a stop to this. There is nothing original or legitimately entrepreneurial about this and it's not what sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo were made for. It's also irresponsible because now you got guys copying the dude. If Kicksterte let's this guy keep the money, it's not going to make any difference to me what he does with it, it never should have been allowed to happen in the first place.

You, know what also sucks? I love potato salad, but thanks to this assclown I can't stand to even look at potato salad anymore. Thanks, ya douchebag, thank you for ruining my summer. Now, somebody please kick that dude in the nuts.

Monday, July 7, 2014

T.J. Hooker

This has been in the works since I started this blog and you shouldn't be surprised by it. I love T.J. Hooker. Anybody that knows me knows it's still one of my absolute favorite television shows of all time. Yeah, it has many of the failings of 80's television but it was an exciting show to watch back when it debuted in 1982 and is at the very least a fun show to watch today.

When Hooker first aired in the spring of '82, I was still nine years old and like many kids I dreamed of being in law enforcement. It wasn't until a number of years later that I dropped that carrer choice, having witnessed corruption amongst police officers first hand on multiple occasions. That didn't diminish my love for cop shows though.

Hooker was created by Rick Husky and the show would be produced by television mogul Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg. Husky had intended the show to be a revamped version of The Rookies, a cop show Husky had worked in in the '70's. The show was orginially going to be titled The Protectors but it was decided after filming the pilot to focus on William Shatner's character, veteran Sgt. Thomas Jefferson Hooker. The pilot aired as a movie of the week on ABC with a short first season as a mid season replacement.

Hooker was a detective for the fictional LCPD. Although it was never revealed what the acronym meant, many assumed it was Los Angeles County Police Department as the show was shot in and around Los Angeles. While investigating a case Hooker and his partner were attacked by street thugs. Hooker was badly wounded and his partner was killed. Hooker requested to become a training officer and be put back on the streets, to help train and prepare rookie cops.

Besides the legendary William Shatner starring as the title character, the pilot also has Richard Herd as Captain Dennis Sheridan, and Adrian Zmed as rookie Vince Romano. The trio would be the main cast through the first season. With the start of season two Heather Locklear would join starring as Stacey Sheridan, the captain's daughter. Towards the end of season two, James Darren was cast as veteran beat cop Jim Corrigan and would become Stacey's training officer and partner.

The series would have a number of guest stars such as Leonard Nimoy, Jim Brown, David Caruso, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beach Boys, a ten year old Tori Spelling and Hooker's daughter Chrissie was played by Nicole Eggert. Sharon Stone also starred in an episode that served as a backdoor pilot in the fourth season. Stone starred as a detective from Hollywood however the series was not picked up by ABC.

As with all television series, the viewership dropped. The series was slightly revamped with season three and viewership peaked up some but ultimately it was not enough. T.J. Hooker would get canceled in the spring of 1985 after it's fourth season. Although ABC gave Hooker the boot, CBS picked it up, but the production team imposed some significant changes. The location was moved from Los Angeles to Chicago, Adrian Zmed left the show to become the new host of Dance Fever, instead of one hour shows, the series was made into 90 minute movies for the Crimetime After Primetime line-up. The series would never recover.

Unfortunately only season one and two of T.J. Hooker are available on DVD, and I could only find season one streaming on Amazon Prime. Seasons one through four need to be made readily available for all to watch 24/7 and never be taken away.

I can't tell you how much I loved this show as a kid. Watching my favorite starship captain fighting crime on the streets, with a dancing fool, a classic crooner and one of the most classy and gorgeous women in TV history, you can't lose, everyone's a winner.

With the number of remakes being done on properties from the 80's, I'm surprised that Hooker hasn't been tapped yet. I'm not sure if I'd want to see that. I'd be to afraid that it would be made as parody to the original and not be given serious thought.

I'm not entirely sure where I'm taking this from here. Doing an episode by episode recap will only get me through season two. It's too bad the A-Team and Hooker were on competing networks. Imagine a crossover where Hooker gets involved in a case that the A-team was hired to take care of. A geek can dream, right?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How I Geek Episode 18 - Head Down Like Charlie Brown

The gang discusses a few news items, their geek related pet peeves and withstand a World of Warcraft show derailment. There is spoiler talk so listen carefully.

Our week in geek (Nintendo 64, Shadowgate 64, World of Warcraft, X-Men Inferno, Original Sin #5)
The Strain billboards are coming down
Sharknado 2: The Next One
The Revenant casting
Avengers 2, Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy
Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Marvel announces a new Captain America
Doctor Who
Marky Mark might be the six million dollar man
Lessons Learned
Elitists/Mega Fans
Jerks in World of Warcraft and the great WoW take over
Rule lawyers and power players
Wrestling is fake?
Hating on a comic, movie or game before it's been released
Sequels and remakes
Over saturation of upcoming movies and characters
Writing characters out of their characterization
"Big Willie"
Robotech Tactics
Star-Lord's Awesome Mix Tape and more!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Original Sin #5 (SPOILERS!)

Original Sin #5 is here and only three issues are left and that makes me sad.

This issue did not have anything revealing. It was basically the unknown history of Nick Fury, but a history that you figured was coming by issue 3 & 4 of this series.

Fury was responsible for all of the murders that were investigated in the previous issues. Why though? Well because earth has been the target of aliens, demons and monsters for a long, long time. With each encounter knowledge and technology was gained. A one man super secret defense system was made. One man to watch for threats to Earth and put a cease their their existence before they could cause any harm. Nick was recruited for this job by Howard Stark in 1958. The only two people who knew about it was Howard and Nick.

Nick tells this story to the teams he put together. The question of accelerated aging did not get answered. But when asked what happened to Watcher, all Nick would say is that he died and it was basically his turn to be the Watcher now.

The issue ends with the Orb suffering effects from whatever he stole from the Watcher's lair, with Nick telling the group that they have limited time.

Like I said, not a very revealing story but it a very good read nonetheless.

Next Wednesday begins the five issue tie-in series The Tenth Realm. Loki and Thor find out they have a sister and that sister is Angela.
I've written on how much I dislike the idea of Angela being tied to any of the existing Marvel heroes. I have not changed my stance on that. However, I am eager to see how they spin the story and you can bet I'll be writing about it here.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Health, Comics, Gaming and 80's Television.

I did not write anything last week. That's unacceptable. Well, now I've written something. Or does it only count once it's been posted?

So this is one of those, I had no motivation to write anything else, so here's an update of what's going in life kind of posts. Incredibly entertaining, right?

Let's get the health stuff out of the way first.

I'm having some issue with my blood pressure and my ticker. I feel fine, but apparently my family doctor was concerned enough that she wanted to get to cardiologist that same day or next. But then I found out the cardiologist she referred me to was her husband. Yeah.

However, I really do have something going on. I'm on two different blood pressure meds, I'm supposed be on the dash diet and watching my salt intake until they find out more. I haven't had any soda or coffee in over two weeks now, I'm sucking down 3-4 liters of water a day and I'm working with a personal trainer three days a week. I have stress test coming up along with wearing one of those fashionable 24 hour heart monitors. But like I said, I feel fine, and I'm expecting this all something that will be under control once my weight is down and changed my eating habits, not that i have a lot of weight to lose or was eating bad to begin with.

I've been reading X-Men Inferno, the big X-book crossover from 1989. I forgot how much I enjoyed this story as it was coming out on the racks. It did nothing to change my stance on how I much I hate Scott Summers (Cyclops). That's one character that Marvel could kill off and I would probably throw a party to celebrate it. What I really enjoyed about Inferno were the tie-in books, You got to see how the other heroes were dealing with the demon infestation of New York. I really dug the Daredevil and Spider-Man issues. Typhoid Mary going after Daredevil after he fights off a possessed vacuum cleaner (if I remember that right) and we see the Hobgoblin become truly demonic. Oh, and all of the changes going on in Avengers and Fantastic Four, good reading people.

Beta invites for Warlords of Draenor started going out. I'm hoping to get one eventually. There's a lot I'm still working on the legendary cloak for my paladin and warrior, not sure I want to bother for my priest and death knight. The Gaze of the Black Prince buff was a nice attempt by Blizzard, but it ultimately did me no good. My paladin was hindered by the valor cap and my warrior only got 14 Secrets of the Empire over running the entirety of Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar twice. With the buff ending today, it will probably take me another two to three weeks to get those last six Secrets. I'm also still working on Loremaster on my shaman main, still have three zones in Kalimdor to finish, three in Outland, and three in Icecrown. Enough to keep me busy until the expansion drops.
Oh, and still hunting down the Jade Breastplate and Jade Legplates for transmog.

Still working my way through the A-Team on Netflix. I try to get in one to two episodes a day but that doesn't always happen. Almost finished with season two, it's been really fun seeing some actors that went on to bigger roles. Still wishing season three of TJ Hooker would make it on to DVD as it's not streaming anywhere.

Outside of that it's all work and taking care of the family. Hopefully July will offer more time and motivation to write.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How I Geek Episode 17 - Let's Talk TV

This week the gang talks about what television shows make it into our prime time lineup.

Our week in geek (Clay Fighter 2, Girl Meets World, Minecraft, The Office, John Mulaney, Seinfeld, X-Men Inferno, The A-Team, The Good Guys, World of Wacraft)
Our prime team line-ups
Honorable mentions
Shows we wished were still on the air
The future of comic books and dvd/blu-rays

Sunday, June 22, 2014

How I Geek Episode 16 - Conan and Other Stuff

This week we get into some not so deep talk on the Conan movies and some of the geek news from the past week.

Our week in geek (Red Sonja, Inferno, Ramones on vinyl, Warhammer 40K, Pretty Deadly, A-Team, The Good Guys, Game of Thrones)
UK Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy
First official US trailer for Expendables 3
Is Jason Mamoa Aquaman?
G.I. Joe 3
Rumored Ant-Man villains
DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods
Dust Tactics
Robotech Tactics
Steampunked Battlestar Galactica
Django and Zorro crossover
Conan the Barbarian
Geektrocities and more!