Monday, October 21, 2013

That Cooking Thing I Do

Since the start of this blog I've wanted to do something with cooking. I have fifteen years of restaurant cooking under my belt, everything from a truck stop dive to fine dining. Even though it seems like a chore at times, it has been the one hobby that I have never taken a break from and very seldom feel burnt out on. It is also something that has tainted my trust of others in the kitchen. When going to a restaurant there's always an amount of blind faith that you have to put into it. As for friends or family members, it can be on both ends of the spectrum for me, either I refuse to touch it or I can't get enough of it.   

I have a few drawbacks on the cooking front at home that get both my wife and I riled up sometimes and that is having an unlevel electric stove that doesn't not hold the set temperature very well. I would love to get a gas stove but the house doesn't have a gas line for the kitchen. We also have fluorescent lighting in the kitchen, so when I take pictures of what I've cooked it always looks to be more yellow or orange than it really is.

For some things I still use measurements but I'm close to being able to eyeball ingredients, which is how I have been doing a lot of my cooking lately and when I put up my recipes the ingredients will be listed with no measurements unless it's otherwise necessary.  

One of the challenges thrown out to me by my kids is making my own barbecue sauce, something that I've never done and it's something that I'm intimidated by. I've had some great scratch made barbecue sauces and I would become obsessed with everything being absolutely perfect. The base for a good sauce is pretty much a staple, it's finding that perfect balance of flavor, heat, sweetness and viscosity.  

Outside of that I am continuing to learn how to use my smoker. I've given it a few goes and getting the temp right seems to be my biggest hurdle. Everything so far has turned out great, but I won't be happy until I've mastered controlling the temp. I also don't get the chance to try cooking any fish, I'm the only person at home that likes fish, so it never makes the grocery list.

That's it, that's a blog post. I hope to get some something cooking related up soon and hearing from fellow foodies out there.


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