Monday, October 28, 2013

At the start of October my dad (Leroy) was hospitalized with an illness that doctors have not been able to diagnose. They treat him for one thing, then another, then another and another only to see his condition worsen.

 All my life my dad has been a pillar of strength and love. He doesn’t know how to take a day off from work and his work ethic is something I thank him for everyday. Despite his sometimes grumpy disposition, he is a bottomless pit of fun, caring and love.

I am asking all my friends and family for their continued thoughts and prayers for his improved health as we try to get him moved to the Mayo Clinic. Most of you are already aware of the fund raising effort started to help with his medical costs. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

Now, I am reaching out my community, my people. The comic fans, the gamers, the Whovians, the Trekkies, the kaiju lovers, I am calling out to a community that is legion. It is the greatest community that no other can rival. Leroy is one of us and I am calling on each and every one of you. All of us have stepped up for one another in some way time and time again. I’m asking that you step up once again.

Your well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers are needed. If you come across me or a family member on the many social media platforms, please drop some positive energy us. If you find my dad on Facebook share some love with him. We have also started a fund raiser at GiveForward and it can be found here:

I know times are tough on all of us right now, but if all of you can help me spread the word and we can get people to donate a dollar or two, we can reach our goal. I am asking all of you to please, share this, re-blog it, re-tweet it, and give what you what you can, even if it is just your thoughts and prayers.

To further things along I will also be going through my collection of books, comics, miniatures and auctioning what I can, I'm going to try some live stream gaming marathons stuff and working on some other ideas to help out. I don’t have a timeline but I will start working on it today and will post updates here.

My dad is responsible for who I am today. He is the one that introduced me to video games, Star Trek and Godzilla that put me on the path of geekdom. He also took me to see Ozzy Osbourne, how cool of a dad is that?

To all of you, friends, family, fellow geeks and total strangers…thank you.

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