Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tales of a Warcraft Medic: The Big Move

I have been toying with the idea of taking my beloved Elwhyn, a level 90 Night Elf fury warrior, and putting her through a faction change, so that I have a maxed toon in AIE and don't have to make the grind to 90 on the Horde side. The problem has been that I could never pull the trigger.

Elwhyn was named after my first Dungeons & Dragons character from twentyfive plus years ago. Elwhyn was an elf fighter so it just seemed right to make my first WoW toon a Night Elf warrior and modeled it after Elwhyn as much as possible. Going into WoW, I already had an attacthment to the character.

I started playing WoW during Hallow's End before Wrath of the Lich King launched. I poured hours into exploring the world with Elwhyn even if it meant getting killed, I would still roam the zones as a wisp instead of respawning. I remember being level six and Dolanaar being attacked the Horde. I couldn't tell you how many times I got one shot trying to defend Teldrassil against superior opponents. I remember my first Warsong Gulch match and having no idea what I supposed to be doing and ended up dancing with a Troll in Silverwing Hold. A few months away from five years of fighting for the Alliance and here I sit here dwelling on the decision to jump sides.

Blizzard announced that for one week character/account services will be half priced. One of the reasons why I never went through with the faction change and server transfer was the cost.

I was horrified at the the very idea of a faction change, but knowing that I would part of one the greatest communities in the game, I made the jump. Who was once a defender of the Night Elf way of life, is now a mana hungry, uber pretty Blood Elf.

before and after pictures will be posted later today.

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