Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tales of a Warcraft Medic: Playing Catch Up

With the news and spoilers coming out of the 5.4 PTR, I decided to get off my arse and get Morvahnna exalted with the Pandaren factions before the patch hits. Seeing how I have also gotten into the brawler's guild that I should probably work on upgrading gear.

The Klaxxi, Order of the Cloud Serprent, Shado-Pan and Golden Lotus rep grind is done. When finishing the storyline with Klaxxi, I wanted to waste each and every bug at Klaxxi'Vess. With some of the spoilers I've been told from people playing on the public test realm, I know what is in store for the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Golden Lotus and I don't want to see it happen.

I'm not into archeology so I'm not sure if I want to bother with the Lorewalkers, and I'm halfway to revered with August Celestials and on the road to exalted with the Anglers. I've been busy getting the grind on and for the first time in a long time, it doesn't feel like work. I've even started working on my off spec gear set.

In her travels through Pandaria Marvohnna came across a blood-soaked invitaion and so with fear and excitement the brawler's guild got another member. Morvahnna is up to Rank 5 and is working on Probuskus.

With all of the work on my main I haven't done anything on with my Merisiel nor with Kusia and Elwhyn on the Horde side. It's odd that I've gotten into this groove with the rep and gear grind, I usually get burnt out on that pretty quick. I'll be going into bench warmer mode with my guild's raid team. If they need a spot filled, I'll be there, until then 'll be helping gathering the mats the team may need for flasks, banquets and whatever else they may need.

I'm closing with a few more tid bits. First, a request to person that has a level one toon named Angela on the Vek'nilash realm....any chance of getting you to free that name up for me? Please? Second, I'm looking for pieces of the Glorious Plate set for a transmog idea, if anybody has pieces I'd like to take them off your hands but not at the exorbitant auction house prices. And last, I'm  hoping to start a campaign to convince Blizzard to give enhancement shaman a tanking spec. Chance of that happening may be slim to none, but I really want to that happen.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tales of a Warcraft Medic: The Big Move

I have been toying with the idea of taking my beloved Elwhyn, a level 90 Night Elf fury warrior, and putting her through a faction change, so that I have a maxed toon in AIE and don't have to make the grind to 90 on the Horde side. The problem has been that I could never pull the trigger.

Elwhyn was named after my first Dungeons & Dragons character from twentyfive plus years ago. Elwhyn was an elf fighter so it just seemed right to make my first WoW toon a Night Elf warrior and modeled it after Elwhyn as much as possible. Going into WoW, I already had an attacthment to the character.

I started playing WoW during Hallow's End before Wrath of the Lich King launched. I poured hours into exploring the world with Elwhyn even if it meant getting killed, I would still roam the zones as a wisp instead of respawning. I remember being level six and Dolanaar being attacked the Horde. I couldn't tell you how many times I got one shot trying to defend Teldrassil against superior opponents. I remember my first Warsong Gulch match and having no idea what I supposed to be doing and ended up dancing with a Troll in Silverwing Hold. A few months away from five years of fighting for the Alliance and here I sit here dwelling on the decision to jump sides.

Blizzard announced that for one week character/account services will be half priced. One of the reasons why I never went through with the faction change and server transfer was the cost.

I was horrified at the the very idea of a faction change, but knowing that I would part of one the greatest communities in the game, I made the jump. Who was once a defender of the Night Elf way of life, is now a mana hungry, uber pretty Blood Elf.

before and after pictures will be posted later today.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marvel Heroes

Gazillion's Diablo style, free to play Marvel Heroes mmorpg launched on June 4th. I had signed up for early access by purchasing the Ms. Marvel starter pack.

I haven't put in a whole lot of time into the game yet. I have Ms. Marvel up to level nine and it's been a fun ride so far.

Characters - I paid no real attention to which characters you can choose from to start. I know Hawkeye and Storm are two of them, but I went in to this game wanting to play Ms. Marvel so that's exactly what I did. Additional characters and costumes can be purchased or unlocked through mob/boss drops if you are lucky enough to get one. I've had The Thing drop from a mob early on.

Gear and Vendors - Gear drops like any rpg. Most of the gear dropped will be for the character you playing as, but you will get drops for others as well. So far I have gotten two purple (epic level) items for Thor, a blue (rare level) item for Iron man and Storm. Vendors can be upgraded by trading in the gear that has dropped instead of selling it, this improves the quality of the gear that they sell to you.

Crafting - I haven't messed around with this. I don't care for crafting of any kind in rpg's like this and Diablo.

Open Areas - There are open areas to explore and where mini-events take place like having to protect a police barricade, stopping an arsonist, or taking down a world boss supervillain. This has been a lot of fun, the only problem has been the number of people in these areas that is causing a whole lot of lag issues. You will also see that you automatically get added to a group of other players who are working on the same objectives in a particular area or fighting a boss level villain.

Cut Scenes - The cut scenes between missions are cool, I really like how they're done. The Taskmaster scene is especially fun. A lot of the voice actors are veterans from various animated Marvel shows and movies. Steve Blum reprises his role as Wolverine and Keith David voices Nick Fury, that is way cool in my book.

Hoping to get some more time in to play. Where at now in the story, i either need some better gear or I need to level up because I'm taking a beating. If you are playing look me up as HowIGeek.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Big 2, Sex, Violence, Death and Readership

A small fire broke out when Justice League of America #4 hit the racks last week and it rekindled a lesson in Comic Book Debating 101. Spoilers ahead if you haven't read JLA #4 yet.

You have been warned.

In the pages of said JLA #4, Catwoman takes a brutal gunshot to the head, all shown on panel. The debate has begun if it was Catwoman in the first place. Also being talked about is that if it was in fact Catwoman, then she has either just spent one of her nine lives or with all of happenings about to take place in the DCU, she will quickly be resurrected. Plus, there has been no mention of Catwoman's solo title being cancelled. That's not the point though. A greater debate followed which brought about a ton of things that may be all interconnected in the comic book industry and how they affect each other.

For reference when “core characters” are mentioned, the characters being referenced are: Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. The JLA, Fantastic Four and Avengers in general may be under that umbrella as well. Characters and teams such as Wolverine, Catwoman, Teen Titans, the X-Men and even some villains may be up for debate based on how they have been marketed towards younger audiences.

I don't think any of these ever really leave when talking comics, but here is the list that JLA #4 has brought up:

1. Marketing of core characters of the Big 2 to children through toys, games, television, clothing and other items.

2. Lack or low number of kids or all ages comics of core characters from the Big 2

3. Do DC and Marvel have a responsibility in the storytelling of their core characters in comics because of the marketing towards younger audiences? If not, how does this affect the next wave/generation of new readers?

4. Is the "kids aren't buying/reading comics" argument still valid as libraries and schools continue to add comics to their reading material for kids? Are their more kids at comic shops (with or without their parents) these days buying/reading comics?

5. Do the Big 2’s comics of core character need to be for kids or just accessible to kids as part of the reading audience?

6. Should the Big 2’s comics of core characters contain any material that makes the comics unfriendly to younger audiences? The female audience?

7. Is the use of sex, death and hyper/over the top violence used too much as crutch in modern comic storytelling?

8. The comparison of today’s writers versus the writers working under the Comics Code Authority.

9. Comparing the Big 2’s comics of core characters and the reading audiences of today against those from ten, twenty, thirty and forty years ago.

10. Does the direct market share any responsibility in how comic storytelling has changed over the years?

11. Why are the stories in the Big 2 comics of core characters not more accessible to younger audiences?

12. Can today’s comics of core characters be written in an all ages style and still be successful? Are today’s writers talented/creative enough to do that?

13. Is it in the best interest of the Big 2 to have the comics of their core characters more accessible to younger readers?

14. Violence/death or the illusion thereof against women, and how it is used either just for shock value or to push the male hero into vengeance mode and what affect this has on female readership.

That's one whopper of a comic book conversation there and I know that I've forgotten something from some of the other conversations I've seen or been a part of.

So have it comic fandom, debate to your heart's desire.