Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tales of a Warcraft Medic - A Week's Worth of Updates

As of today, I am 12-16 in battlegrounds, close to that 50% win ratio that I need to stay at to keep me happy. The last half dozen games or so have been a mix a good teamwork driven wins and horrible, no fun at all losses. The wins and losses come and go, the degree of good wins and bad losses varies, just have to stick with it and hope that everything equals out.

Since my last post Merisiel has reached level 20, got her 500 honorable kills and stepped into Arathi Basin. I'm not a big fan of that map. It was on of those games were only two of the fifteen players on the team attempted any defense after capturing nodes and the Horde was zerging everything, they did fail their attempt on camping our graveyard. We started to make a comeback but the there was not enough time left to sneak in a win.

I started working on archeology with Morvahnna. I'm not going to spend the time grinding dig sites for the blue and purple items, there isn't any real need or motivation to do it. So, I've put most of the work up in one day, I'm only 20something skill points away from 600. Which reminded me that I also need to work on getting her fishing skill capped.

She is also just about capped on Justice and Valor points, but Morvahnna is lacking the rep needed to use them. That will quickly be taken care of as she is going to hit revered with a few different factions today or tomorrow and then I have to get working on the Kirin Tor Offensive. Beyond that, I've always liked the Earthfury gear some I'm working on that for a transmog set and working on putting together Sulfuras.

No work was done with Kusia this week. After I get this last bit of work done with Morvahnna I want to get some levels under Kusia's belt. I'm still having a hard time getting into the questing on the Horde side but I'm going to keep at it because I do want to see that side of the story.

More updates coming.

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