Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tales of Warcraft Medic - Days 5, 6 and 7

Over the last few days I got in only four more matches, I've working on my main toon. I got two good wins and two really bad sucktastic losses and reached level 15 in the process.

The two losses were just horrible, definitely two of the worst losses I've ever seen. It was total domination by the Horde. Both of my my teams were inexperienced and under geared. In one match our graveyard was getting camped within the first five minutes and the Horde players stopped going after the Alliance flag and kept the graveyard surrounded. I feel bad for players that are new to the game's PvP when this kind of stuff happens. it's not very encouraging. I was able to convince some players to move away from the spirit healer so that we couldn't be resurrected and thus stop feeding honor to the enemy players or drop from the battleground. I don't like having to do that, but there is no point, especialy when some of the Alliance players were getting two shot upon resurrecting.

Getting a win after matches like that are a godsend. The two wins were the type of matches I really enjoy. There was some good competition from the Horde players, but we had some great teamwork flowing here. It was also nice having teammates that would get enemy attackers of the healers so that we could do our jobs, I still got ganged up on, but not nearly as bad as I have been.

After leveling I turned off my experience gains and hit the starting dungeons to farm for gear. Haven't gotten anything that I can use yet and this was my first time doing any PvE healing. Even though it was low level, I was a bit nervous due to my hands being in such bad physical condition from years of injuries but it went easy, fun and me eager to try healing on the higher level instances.

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