Monday, March 18, 2013

ZubScribed: 2 Copper Pieces

Used out of love for fantasy based goodness.

2 Copper Pieces is the short comic story that started Skullkickers, co-created by Jim Zub on writing and Chris Stevens on art that first appeared in the Popgun anthology series by Image. You couldn't ask for finer set up to what the series would become.

What is really fun for me when reading Skullkickers is thinking back on my days of playing Dungeons & Dragons and thinking what my friends and I would have done in these situations, the stories in Skullkickers brings back a lot of good memories. This isn't a full on review or a page by page recap, just short issue by issue blurbs and such.

The premise of this first story has the unnamed adventurers hired to track down and kill a beasty that's been eating up villagers. A dependable start to any good fantasy story. Where the job leads is full of swampy, leech filled fun, especially the big one which leads into an epic battle of epic epicness.

The timing and placement of the zombies is genius, I never would have thought of that back in my D & D days and it's just his type of idea of evil good funny DM would have inflicted upon us. The ending is exactly what we would have done or tried to do in that situation also. Charging a fee for corpse recovery...that falls under chaotic good, right?

What are you waiting for? Click the link above and check it out.

It's a pure fun filled fantasy adventure and hits a spot that other fantasy comics weren't reaching. As much as I love reading books like Warlord, Conan and Sonja; Skullkickers is everything that I've wanted in a fantasy comic since I started playing rpg's with my friends. Thank you Chris and Jim.

Video made by Long Vo.


  1. I have gotten a few games of 3.5 this month. They are fun. But, I miss our old games so much.

  2. I still have 2nd Edition books, they're pdf's but that's all you really need.

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    1. I found the short around the time Skullkickers #6 came out, I've also had email conversations with Jim Zub.

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