Monday, February 25, 2013

The Cover Date Project

For some torturous reason, I got the idea in my head to reorganize my comic collection. Traditionally I had my books separated by publisher and then alphabetically by title. Instead, I thought it would be fun to reorganized everything and to go by cover date instead and reread everything in the order that the books came out.

After looking at the stack of long and short boxes, I thought slightly better of it deciding to re-organize only what I read as kid. I then realized that too was a sizable undertaking and so I had to set a definite start and end point, but what would make a good starting and ending point was lost to me.

I had no idea where to start and so started looking over my collection for anything significant or that stood out. There was nothing. At first I thought a starting point from 1977 would work but I really only had a handful of titles from then and found I had a higher number of sequential runs of issues on a higher number of titles starting in around 1979.

Starting point determined, I now had to figure out where to stop. I thought about using Secret Wars as my stopping point, but that's when I got heavy into Transformers and started paying less attention to comics. Something that stood out though, was when the bar that read "Marvel Comics Group" was removed from the covers in 1983. I decided to make that my end point.

I picked up some new boxes, got some dividers and began the reorganization going backwards, making a list of any gaps as I went. I got done with 1981-83 when I find out about Mike's Amazing World of Comics, an online database where not only could I see what books were out for any given cover date, but I could look up books by their actual on sale date. After all that work, I found out that I could fine tune it even more and put the comics in the order of the month and date that they were released onto the newsstands.

I started thing that I could now do the entire collection from the silver age all the way to when I dropped out of the hobby in 1998 and pick it up again with where I started reading and collecting in 2010. I quickly snapped to my senses and decided to keep things as they were. I love going through my books, getting them cataloged and organized in a functional way, but when it stops to be fun and feel like work, that's just no good.

I've completed organizing the books from cover date January 1979 to September 1983, complete with annuals for each year, right around 1,000 floppies or so...give or take. I also catch myself thinking of refining that chunk of my collection by release date.

This five year period is where I'm focusing my hunt for back issues.It was fun but now I've fallen behind on keeping everything up to date and need to get that done before C2E2 happens.


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  1. Sounds like a second job. I just picked up a short box for my comics.