Friday, February 22, 2013

The Backlog

Catching up on books released over the last few weeks.

Fearless Defenders #1
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art: Will Sliney
Colors: Veronica Gandini
Cover: Mark Brooks

Not a bad start to new title. I was sold on the title upon hearing the Cullen was writing. Misty Knight is on a cargo ship a la Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, reclaiming artifacts for an archaeologist friend, the most significant being lifted off the boat by a helicopter.

Misty meets up with her friend, Dr. Annabelle Riggs, who activates an ancient Asgardian relic that was recovered. The relic starts to play like a music box and before you know, we got undead vikings rising from the ground and reeking havoc on the dig sight.

As Misty begins to fend off the attacks, she is joined by Valkyrie who was also summoned by the song. Annabelle introduces herself  to Valkyrie in a rather interesting way before Valkyrie destroys the relic sending the undead back to their graves.

Valkyrie explains that song played by the relic was telling of the Blighted Host accompanied by the usual doom and gloom that accompanies such things and that the Doommaidens were rising and that it was Valkyrie's fault.

Sliney's art isn't bad, but I wouldn't mind seeing what Mark Brooks could do on the interior.

G.I. Joe #1
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Pencils: Steve Kurth
Inks: Allen Martinez
Colors: Joana Lafuenta
Cover: Art Adams

I had low expectations on this new series. I honestly didn't like the idea of the Joes being ousted by Cobra wikileaks style and forced to operate in the public eye. I liked it, this issue worked for me. Duke is handling it as best as he can and on the first mission things go wrong almost instantly. Cobra has brought the fight to the heartland of America and has a whole city full of sympathizers.

To be honest, I only picked this book up for the Art Adams variant cover. I think that I have to finish this first story arc out and see how this goes.

Mars Attacks The Transformers

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Art: Matt Frank
Colors: Josh Perez
Cover: Ray Dillon

This one was a load of fun to read. The story is set in the Generation 1 Sunbow cartoon continuity, complete with Spike and those annoying yellow boots.

You get it all in here. Autbots versus Decepticons, an unlikely alliance, an obvious betrayal, some good comedy, some great action and just a nice fun story.

Mylo Xyloto #1
Writer: Mark Osborne
Art: Alejandro Fuentes
Colors:Steve Hamaker
Cover: Arthur Hugot
Concept and story created by Coldplay and Mark Osborne

the story take places on the world of Silencia which is guided (controlled) by the Irdoks. The Silencers are their police force, natives conditioned since birth to enforce the Irdoks' law of Chromatic and Acoustic Level Minimization.

The populace is force fed a hypnofeed that provides them a "calming diversion" to keep them from being over stimulated and "protecting" them from the Eaters who are drawn to color and sound.

Lastly we have the Sparks who are rebellious Silenciens who are trying to expose the Irdoks and their lies. The Sparks have abilities that are not yet explained but revolve around color.

We are introduced to some Silencers and the main antagonist Major Minus and are briefly introduced to most prominent Spark, Fly. It was a solid set up issue and if you haven't seen the prelude to this six issue mini series, here you go:


Red Sonja Unchained #1
Writer: Peter Brett
Pencils: Jack Jadsen
Colors: Mercelo Pinto
Cover: Mel Rubi

Unchained is a four issue mini series that takes place after the Red Sonja Blue one shot released in 2011.

I love fantasy stories and I been a Red Sonja fan since finding stray issues of the first Marvel run of Sonja comics back when I was eight or nine years old.

There is nothing really new or groundbreaking here. If you are a Sonja fan, you already what what you're getting. The art is fine throughout the book and storytelling is solid. It's just set up for another story of Sonja heading off into a dungeon. This time she is in search of some diaries belonging to an ancient warrior queen.

Star Wars #2
Writer: Brian Wood
Art: Carlos D'Anda
Colors: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover: Alex Ross

Leia has her team assembled and outside of Luke and Wedge, any of the other six team members could be the mole. Han and Chewie have a run in with the Slave 1 while running a mission for Mon Mothma which leads them to Coruscant, heart of the Galactic Empire. Colonel Birch has assumed command of Vader's star destroyer, the Devastator and he's up to something. We also get to see something that we did not get to see in the movies, seeing Leia mourning over the loss of Alderaan.

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