Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Lich Thoughts

Adventure Time #13 is on sale today and it got me thinking about how much Pen Ward and his crew are involved in the plot lines. Creative director Adam Muto has supposedly stated that the comic is its own canon and continuity, if that is true, that's a shame. I can understand why that would be the way to go, but I also think that there is some great story potential with the show and comic being in the same continuity.

Anyways, my son Jason and I were talking about the Lich yesterday. It hasn't been determined if the Lich was involved in the Mushroom War being started or if he was a result of it. Could the Lich be a manifestation of the hatred, war and ravages committed by man? A mutagenic nightmare created by the nuclear fallout of the Mushroom Bomb? Is the Lich a true lich or just a lich by name or reference? If he is a true Lich, who was he before his transformation? Does he have a phylactery? Will he search out the Hand and Eye of Vecna? Well, that last one isn't going to happen, but you get the picture right?

We have some deep love for the villainous Lich and although we want to see a lot more of him, we're happy to wait out and take in the clues of his origins as they slowly drop.

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