Sunday, January 13, 2013

Under Construction

Pay no attention to the lack of content. It will be here soon enough. Until then, here's an introduction and a small rundown on what you'll be able to find here.

My name is Greg and I'm geek. I don't try to hide it, I wear that badge proudly.

My geekdom started around 1977/78 when I first saw reruns of the 1960's Spider-Man cartoon and that began my love affair with superheroes and comic books. The inner geek exploded as the late '70's and 80's went on thanks to properties like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, G.I. Joe, Transformers and others.

The '80's however introduced me to something entirely new, Dungeons & Dragons. Space operas and superheroes were great, but playing the role of an adventurer fighting off beasties of all sorts seemed absolutely incredible. I was hooked without even having played a game. The art alone was enough to claim me. Superhero roleplaying games weren't far behind.

As the years went by I fell further into the grip of geekdom, collectible card games, miniature wargames, anime and video games became a big part of who and what I was.

This blog is a celebration to all of the things that contribute to what makes me who I am.

What you'll find here is variety of articles, reviews or random thoughts on comic books both old and new, video, roleplaying and miniature wargames, my favorite superhero cartoon series and whatever else may come to mind.

This Week's Reads - A weekly post on new comics released on Wenesdays.

The Backlog - A monthly post on new comics that I haven't gotten to reading to in a timely manner.

Unboxed - A series of posts based on what is already in my collection. One shortbox at a time, issue by issue. I have decided to exclude comics from the last two years or so until I get through everything else with the exception of some very specific titles that will be covered in other posts. I'm shooting for this to be up daily. One of the first things covered will be Walt Simonson's run on Thor.

Zubscribed - Since I discovered Skullkickers back in late 2010, Jim Zubkavich has become one of my favorite writers. This is going to cover SkullkickersPathfinder , Jim's upcoming run on DC's Birds of Prey and his original graphic novel Makeshift Miracle.

Finding the Lost Light - A series on the Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (MTMTE) ongoing comic from IDW. This is one of the big sleeper titles of 2012.

Way of the Windwalker - A World of Warcraft journal of my draenai monk Shianndrea. It will be told from the perspective of the character as she levels from 1 to 90 with no heirloom items granting experience bonuses and no power runs with guildies. This toon was named after the lead character from the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa comic book series by Martheus Wade and MAW Productions.

Other things that I want to write on at some point are the superhero cartoons of the '70's and 80's, the A-Team, TJ Hooker, Greatest American Hero maybe even some Knight Rider. I want to get a new Iron Kingdoms campaign going so I'm sure that will show up here. A painting and modeling series, I want to do a very slow build on a Legion of Everblight or Protectorate of Menoth force and putting serious thought into the Dark Angels. Oh, and I have this thing for cooking, especially when it involves grilling and smoking, I'll be posting some pics that will make your mouth water.

Well, that's about it for now. It's going to be a work in progress, I hope to stay on task and have fun with it. I also want to thank everbody at FrogpantsComic Geek Speak and 11 O'clock Comics, iFanboyWord Balloon and Fanboy Radio for some much needed inspiration and motivation.
If you're reading this, thank you for staying with it this far and I hope to see you come back.

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