Monday, January 28, 2013

Obssession Time!

I know that I am late in delivering Thor #337, but I've allowed myself to be sidetracked by a couple of things.

I've been catching up on episodes Bleach and I've started watching Lie To Me. So yeah, I've been letting myself get distracted but it falls into what this site is all about.

The majority of my time has been going into this show you may have heard of called Adventure Time. My kids and I have have been watching it from day one and we are loving on the comic book as well.

The thing about Adventure Time that is eating into my writing is something that has hit a nice big chunk of the fan base, the theory crafting of the show. What happened to Earth? Who started the Mushroom War and what was it about? What are the origins of these characters and how are they connected? So many questions to ask and find answers to. A number of blogs and youtube channels have been popping up about this. It is becoming a fun side hobby with the kids and I would have just passed over it if not for my son coming up with some theories of his own during the second season. It went full swing for me at the end of season four and start of season five.

The three of us are now examining everything from the start with a fine tooth comb as we look for clues. I don't know if this what Pen Ward had in mind for the show from the begining or if it is something that happened organically as the show went on, either way it's brilliant and turning out be a ton of fun.

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